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Long time...

2010-04-04 20:32:17 by sharuto123

Wow, been so long since my last post.
ALOT has happened since then - Got a lot more social in my school, got better at PhotoShop, got much, MUCH better at drawing and alot more.
I pretty much can't ask for anything but one thing - love. =/

Anyway, my life's been good, and I am gonna start to actually learn Flash with a teacher in next year, in a class.

To end this I will add my latest sketch.

Long time...

In the past...

2009-12-14 15:11:02 by sharuto123

I remember when everyone loved movies by their stories, sounds and editing, today alot of people think a movie sucks just because it's sprited...

Been rewatching Vixin-McCloud's Sonic vs. Super Sonic, it's a great creation, too bad Vixin won't sprite anymore... Well I guess my goal when I get better at flash would be... Continuing her series, I know i'm not connected to her in any way but still... It's a shame to see something like that just thrown away, never to be completed...

Hey people, I got some great news(Or at least I think they're great), I finally learned how to make sprite movies, and the weird thing is I don't even know how to animate a Stick figure... O.o Right now i'm working on my first sprite movie, a MapleStory movie for youtube :O Check it out if you feel like it, i'll write when it's done :D

Sweet! I Got Flash!

2008-11-28 15:02:50 by sharuto123

well, i got my hands on Adobe Flash CS4, i just KNOW i could be an artist if i could learn flash, i just naturally suck, if anyone knows some good guides, pliz link me lol, im a flash noob, if i learn, maybe ull see an AWESOME movie from me ^^, who knows? anyway, pliz help me :P

Back Again

2008-10-01 09:31:30 by sharuto123

Started Drawing Castle Crashers This Time, Its All Because This Really Cool Guy Named The-Afro And His How To Draw Castle Crashers Guide In The Link
It Only Shows How To Draw Like I Did In Drawing No.3, No.2 Was Only Something I Thought Gonna Be Cool Trying To Draw LOL...

Had To Make It Smaller :( Thats The Biggest I Could Upload T.T

Back Again

Something Bad :(

2008-06-14 04:04:59 by sharuto123

My Flash Trial Ended D:, If I Ever Buy The Program And Use It Then Ull Know T.T


2008-04-23 17:47:17 by sharuto123

WOOT!!! I GOT ADOBE CREATIE SUITE 3 DESIGN PREMIUM(for those who dont know whats that, its a package containing adobes most newv programs) and it has flash in it :D, for now iil try to LEARN how flash works and stuff, maybe later ull see a movie ^^ i hope so!

Hi Whats Up?

2008-03-05 15:24:03 by sharuto123

Hi, Just For The Record I DONT HAVE FLASH!!! Dont Ask Me Stupid Questions Lol XD, Anyway Tomorrows My Birthday :D And Iil Be Using This Acc To Use NG Features And Show People Drawings(No In Programs, Mostly EDITED In Programs To Fix Stuff) Oh Ya Most Drawings May Seem Ugly Or Not Drwan So Well And For The People That Do Think So If U Write Pliz Explain Why And What Can I Do To Improve It For The People Who LIKED The Drawings If U Write Ty :D Anyway What U See Now Is Some Old Drawings That I Painted And Put Together In Photoshop.

Hi Whats Up?