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Back Again

2008-10-01 09:31:30 by sharuto123

Started Drawing Castle Crashers This Time, Its All Because This Really Cool Guy Named The-Afro And His How To Draw Castle Crashers Guide In The Link
It Only Shows How To Draw Like I Did In Drawing No.3, No.2 Was Only Something I Thought Gonna Be Cool Trying To Draw LOL...

Had To Make It Smaller :( Thats The Biggest I Could Upload T.T

Back Again


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2008-10-01 09:40:11

I made one too. /2008/274/c/6/CC_Red_Knight_by_The_Re d_Jack03.jpg
the shoulder is kinda messed up though


2008-10-01 10:32:51

Nice caste crashers.

Naruto, eh? I cant see whats so special about it, but hey-we all like differnet things.


2008-10-01 12:08:50

well uuh... ty :D