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Something Bad :(

2008-06-14 04:04:59 by sharuto123

My Flash Trial Ended D:, If I Ever Buy The Program And Use It Then Ull Know T.T


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2008-06-14 06:36:59

Dude, you need to buy one, the trial isn't enough

sharuto123 responds:

I Know T.T, But Its Just That Its Not So Easy For Me To Buy Flash When Im In Israel And When I Dont Have Enough Money, But I Thought Id Learn How To Make A STICK MOVIE(!!) In The Trial Time T.T


2008-09-05 11:04:11

so uncool that ur flash trail ran out. try getting CS3, thays what i used to make my trailer


2008-09-30 14:51:58

Hey man! i replied back to the comment you made on my tutorial! Read it some thime ;) haha